Workshop at Steim, Amsterdam

Performance at Muziekgebouw aan't IJ, Amsterdam



For its third performance, ELECTRICITY MATTERS gathered eleven international artists: Anja Hertenberger, Floor Remmelzwaal, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Mina Kim, Jaco, Jork Plas, Fiona Whelan, Mariette Groot, Dimitra Kous, Shailoh Phillips & Stéphanie Castonguay. For three days in December 2017, the collective gathered within the frameworks of a workshop animated by Nataliya Petkova, and held at Steim, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The collective worked on elaborating a series of analog synthesizers, tinkering with oscillators and sensors, but also establishing a common conceptual ground. At the end of the process, ELECTRICITY MATTERS performed a half-hour improvised sound piece at the Muziekgebouw aan't IJ SoundLab.  The performance was made possible thanks to Instruments Make Play festival (Amsterdam) and Studio XX (Montreal).