ELECTRICITY MATTERS in Sofia, September 2015

image: Mirela Vavova

+++ upcoming +++

>> January 18th && 25th && February 1st && performance on Feb 3rd 2018, Studio XX, Montreal, Canada


+++ past +++

>> December 1st to December 4th 2017, Instruments Make Play, Amsterdam, Holland

>> November 28 2015, @Avatar and @Le Placard

>> September 19 2015, NHA, Sofia, Bulgaria

Organized by the Association of Cultural Managers in Bulgaria, with the collaboration of DA Fest


ELECTRICITY MATTERS is an ephemeral and flexible art collective, initiated and coordinated by Nataliya Petkova. It promotes the idea of free and spontaneous gatherings of artists from around the globe, willing to create a collective work within a specific context. An open call might be generated for some projects. News on the upcoming  projects can be found on the collective's official blog: electricitymatters.tumblr.com




ELECTRICITY MATTERS est un collectif d'artistes éphémère et flexible, initié et coordonné par Nataliya Petkova. Il met en avant l'idée de rassemblements libres et spontannés d'artistes à travers le globe, désirant de générer des oeuvres collectives dans un contexte particulier. Un appel ouvert pourrait être lancé pour certains projets. Des nouvelles sur les projets à venir peuvent être trouvées sur le blog officiel du collectif: electricitymatters.tumblr.com




ELECTRICITY MATTERS е ефимерен и подвижен арт колектив, иницииран и координиран от Наталия Петкова. Той преследва идеята за свободни и спонтанни срещи на интернационални артисти, желаещи да работят върху колективна творба в определен контекст. Някой от проектите могат да се организират около отворена покана. Новини за предстояшите проекти могат да са намерени на официалния блог на колектива: electricitymatters.tumblr.com