Recording the sound of Aurora Borealis with a very low frequency radio, Husavik, Iceland, 2016, images: Anna Amethyst(c)

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>> March 9 2016, Husavik, Iceland




Very Low Frequency recording is a few-hour workshop exploring the sound emitted by different natural and human-induced electro-magnetic phenomena, such as Aurora Borealis, or yet electric apparatuses. With the help of a custom-made VLF (very low frequency) radio, we are able to pick-up sounds that are usually situated below the audible range, and explore their diversity.


The first VLF recording workshop took place in the winter of 2016 in Husavik, Iceland, where all participants were able to simultaneously observe and listen to the spectacular northern lights, and learn more about the natural forces that cause them.





Sample of the recorded Aurora Borealis sound